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FONDERMETAL S.p.A. has entered into an engagement with numerous partners since a long time so that to form a pool of high quality suppliers.
This will enable FONDERMETAL and these associated Companies to offer a complete service and supply products of very high technology.
The associated Companies perform in the following sectors:

Design and manufacture of die casting tools and shearing tools

Processing through C.N. machine centres with two/three dimensiona CAD/CAM systems. Thanks to our die casting machines we can realize die casting tool with dimensions till 2.000 x 3.000 mm weighting 30 tons.


Machining with vertical and horizontal machine centres with pallets , NC lathes and CNC lathes, centerless, internal and external grinding machines, traditional mills lathes, drills, automatic saws and various other complementary equipment. For parts with medium-big series, the working cycle is helped by robots and by television cameras to 100% carry out dimensional checks and found out the defects.

Painting and surface treatments

Painting with thermosetting powders of different qualities basing on the uses with epoxy resin, epoxy-polyester, polyester and polyurethane. Pre-treatments of the surfaces made with chromium and transparent over-painting with infrared-rays. We can also carry out surface treatments such as chromium plating, gold plating, anodic oxidation, with nichel and resin impregnation (methods “Loctite”, “Maldaner” and “Ultraseal”).


In case of special kind of checks, FONDERMETAL cooperates with external bodies that are known at national and international level

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