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Our reality

The enviable know-how, from the design to the production of the casting toolings, from the die casting to the finishing and to the final checks, gives each part a precondition: perfection. Our Company carries out its activities having at its disposal an area of about 19,000 sqm, 9,000 of which are covered.

Three high capacity smelting furnaces allow a perfect treatment of refinement and degasses alloys by means of specific products supplied by the best Companies specialized in the field.

We make use exclusively of titled aluminum alloys, which are supplied by the major refineries which certify the quality. On receipt the alloy is immediately checked by our specialized personnel with a geiger detector for the radioactivity and afterwards the chemical components are checked with a quantometer. The alloy is entitled to be used only after the a.m. tests.

The die casting department relies on nine casting machines they are

  • 400 TON
  • 500 TON
  • 560 TON
  • 600 TON
  • 1100 TON
  • 1350 TON
  • 1500 TON
  • 2000 TON
  • 2500 TON

all of which are electronically controlled by computers. They are completely automatic and equipped with metal loaders, die and piston lubricators, thermoregulators, robots to hold the parts and shearing machine.

The production phases and the parameters of each component are stored in the computer joined to each machine so that to grant the perfect repetitiveness of the features of each part.

FONDERMETAL relies on a technical department for the design of the toolings but also on a maintenance department able to face any problem in the running and in the maintenance of the toolings.

Besides the foundry itself, our finishing and machining department carries out the most frequently requested final treatments.

Sophisticated instruments provided with the adequate software, SPC equipments and 3D-machines run the purpose to check the quality. The entire production process is supervised by in-depth checks and strict tests in the production line and in the laboratory. This process enables FONDERMETAL to issue inspection cards and quality assurance certificates (CPK and CMK) in compliance with the most severe international standards. We have been one of the first Company, in our field, to get the Quality Certificate in 1994.

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